Magic Board?

I’ve been so lucky, Luke Hart of Fourth Surfboards has been making my boards for the last 4 years and I’ve had more than my fair share of magic ones.
Living in Wales means most of the year is spent surfing weak beach breaks so it’s been really important to keep a bit of volume for getting into waves but a balance has to be struck to keep the board loose as a goose!
The crew at Fourth are turning out some sick boards, so stoked to be a team rider for them!

Picked up my latest board at the airport on the way to the Mentawi’s with the team.
It’s a Lee Bartlett Shank model, goes well in Welsh beach breaks, pumping Mentawi’s and Californian beach breaks!
I’m using FCS II Performer fins, really like the FCS II fin system, the fins feel solid but are super easy to swap out.
Just won the Elusive Welsh Open Womens Open on this one!

Fourth Shank – Oceanside California

Trestles – Could be my favourite wave!

My everyday board for most of the last 4 years has been the Mad Fresh, it’s changed quite a bit over that time. Really subtle changes to things like width and rail thickness but it’s all helped my surfing improve.
The pic below is a rare sunny Welsh day, Dad’s first surf on his Fourth single fin.

First surf on our new boards!
Warm up surf at the Sopelana Pro Junior
Winter in Cornwall

When it gets a bit bigger or more powerful, I break out the Doofer it surfs well in just about anything. My last one was shaped for the trip to the Azores with the Welsh Juniors, paddles into waves really easily and feels super good when in steep waves.
It’s a sick rounded pin, I ride it mostly as a thruster but it flies when ridden as a quad.
I use FCS II Julian Wilsons in this board

New Doofer ready for the European Juniors held at the Azores 2014
Free surf in the Azores
A cold surf in Scotland

Luke made me a fun summer board, I call it the Shorty and it goes really well in sucky beachbreak waves.
Use my FCS II Julian Wilson fins in this board too!

A secret cove in Spain
West Wales fun, photo by Dave Jones

More Mad Fresh goodness.
I use FCS II Reactors in the Mad Fresh

Ecuador for the 2014 ISA World Juniors

Fuerte Winter 2015

Fuerte Winter 2014

Managed 2nd place in the British Nationals on this board, its currently being ridden by a young Grom from Porthcawl, hopefully she’ll have as much fun as I did on it 🙂

Mad Fresh in South France

Early morning French beachbreak

Christian Surfers Comp at Croyde

Surfing with Dad in Newgale when i was 3, Check out the jellies!
My first board in 2009