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Welcome to my blog, just some pics and vids of my travels around Wales and the world!

Team Rider for Fourth Surfboards and Elusive Clothing


T.V star? – S4C Dal Ati

First wave of the day at Surf Snowdonia! I was really excited to get an email from a tv production company asking if I wanted to take part in a tv program about upcoming Welsh sportspeople for S4C. In case you don't know, S4C is our Welsh language channel and I'm a...

New Boards – Fourth Surfboards

Whenever I get down to Cornwall I go and have a dig around in the Fourth Surfboards factory shop. Luke is always keen to get me trying different boards and there is always something I fancy surfing! If you are after a new board, go and have a chat with Luke or Lee.....

Surf Snowdonia – September 2016

Surf Snowdonia – sick waves!

June 2016 – Welsh Grom Training

Training session with the Welsh Groms!

Sri Lanka – Easter 2016

Winter in Wales can be hard work, it’s dark way too early and we have to wear winter wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods from December until April!
We had two weeks off over the Easter holidays so I packed boards, bikinis and my revision notes for a quick visit to Sri Lanka

March 2016 – SurfGirl Magazine

Nice to have a couple of pics in this months Surf Girl mag!

February 2016 – New Board and Cornish Waves!

We had a quick trip down to Cornwall to pick up a new board from Luke and the team at Fourth Surfboards, always enjoy a trip down to Cornwall in the winter, its warmer than Wales!! Had a great little surf at Fistral on Friday, big thanks to Dan Sedgwick for the pics...

January 2016 – Clear Welsh Winter days

Winter in Wales can be pretty frustrating, big tides, onshore winds and short days..
I really like the odd days you get when the suns out and we get offshore winds and a playful swell at the local.

October 2015 – ISA World Juniors California

I travelled to California with the Welsh team to compete in the ISA World Juniors.

September 2015 – Trip to the Matungou in the Mentawai Islands

I stayed at the Matungou resort in the Mentawai Islands with Team Fourth, some pics and clips!

Feurteventura surfer girl