Surf Snowdonia trip

Photo by Stewart Mackellar – check out his website here

Had a bit of a road trip up to Surf Snowdonia before starting Uni, the drive up is a 4 hour trek from South Wales but it was a great day out.

It was pretty quiet when we went up so I shared the south side of the pool with two others, this means you take off on every third wave. I had loads of waves, its pretty easy to catch, you just need to paddle right next to the central fence. I rode my new Fourth Shank, its 5′ 7″ EPS ( epoxy) and it went really well.

Just found out the UK Pro Surf tour will be holding a comp there at the end of October, they’ve used a pic taken by Stewart MacKellar of me to advertise, stoked!!

Checkout the Surfers Village website here for the press release!