First wave of the day at Surf Snowdonia!

I was really excited to get an email from a tv production company asking if I wanted to take part in a tv program about upcoming Welsh sportspeople for S4C. In case you don’t know, S4C is our Welsh language channel and I’m a fluent Welsh speaker..

After a couple of chats to see if I would fit the criteria for the programme, we had an invite to go up to Surf Snowdonia to film a segment!

The drive from Swansea up to Dolgarrog goes through some stunning scenery but takes about 4 hours so we had to drive up the night before. Luckily for me, Dad drove so I could sit back and enjoy a fantastic sunset!

We got to Surf Snowdonia really early – luckily for a March day, the sun was shining!!

The film crew wanted to film the first wave of the day, this first wave is always really glassy, check the pic at the start of the post, I didn’t know it then but a couple of months later I would be one of the lucky Surf Snowdonia staff who get to surf the first wave!

It was the first day of the season for Surf Snowdonia so was pretty quiet to start..
That was good for me as after a quick introduction to Osian Roberts ( Assistant Manager of the Welsh Football team!! ) and a chat about the plan for the day I was sat in front of two cameras and fully miked up!

The whole film crew were really friendly and soon put me at ease, I managed to do all of the interviews in one take, result :o)

I really enjoyed the chat with Osian, was great to hear a few stories about the Welsh teams exploits at last years European football championships.

I’m a qualified ISA surf coach, the crew asked me to run through a quick lesson with Osian, he seemed pretty keen but I don’t think we’ll get to see Gareth Bale and the team having a go at surfing just yet.
I did ask them to keep me in mind if the team do have a go though 🙂

After a quick lunch we got down to the bit I felt more comfortable with, surfing 🙂

This was a little more stressful than normal as not only was I being filmed by the static cameraman, I had a drone buzzing around too!

I’ve surfed the Snowdonia Wave Garden a couple of times now, most recently being in October when I got third place in the first ever UK Pro surf tour event held there.

Managed to get a couple of decent waves and not fall off too often so everyone was happy with the footage!

The show aired and I didn’t get cut, a great day out, was really enjoyable.

I’ll try and get a copy of the segment up here soon!