Sri Lanka – Warm water and sunshine!!

Winter in Wales can be hard work, it’s dark way too early and we have to wear winter wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods from December until April!
We had two weeks off over the Easter holidays so I packed boards, bikinis and my revision notes for a quick visit to Sri Lanka

The view from the room!

We flew Emirates to Dubai then hung about for a couple of hours for the connecting flight to Columbo, dropping down into Columbo the scenery looked awesome, could see some surf on the beaches too!
Once we had cleared immigration, it was pretty good to see the boards by the side of the luggage carousel, the only problem was two of the cases out of three hadn’t arrived, doh!
Bit of a pain as we had split the fins, leashes and sun block across the two cases that were missing, the airline promised they would be delivered first thing the next day..
The drive down south to our apartment in Ahangama was pretty painless, I slept for most of it :o)

No sun block so on with my surf leggings!

The cases hadn’t turned up in the morning, no fins or sun block! Luckily my coach Tim Jones ( of Surf School Lanzarote )managed to borrow a set and donated some sun block so straight into the water to get rid of the jelly legs after traveling.